May Day Bank Holiday – Changes 2020

The UK Government has confirmed that the 2020 “May day” bank holiday will now be held on FRIDAY the 8th May 2020 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In a break from tradition, the decision was made to change the day from the first Monday in May (4th May 2020) to Friday the 8th May in order to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day (VE Day).

VE Day marks the day in which fighting against Nazi Germany ended at the end of World War Two.

Things to remember

  1. Employers should provide reasonable notice of the change in date for the Bank Holiday.
  1. Employers are not obliged to give staff bank holidays off work if they are not included as contractual annual leave entitlements.
  1. If Employees work on a bank holiday, providing a business is open, they should still receive their full statutory 5.6 weeks annual leave (or more if contractual holiday entitlements are higher).

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