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Hi, I’m Richard and I joined Tamar HR in June 2019, and I wanted to share my experience of making a big career change and how I’ve found the transition into HR.

For over 20 years I worked in radio, running radio stations in fact. Lots of fun, and certainly something that is a bit different to HR. In 2018 I could see that opportunities in the radio industry were disappearing as the industry consolidated and having always enjoyed the ‘people’ aspects of the job, and more than a passing interest in HR, I decided I would take the leap. Over the next few months, I got my CIPD qualification and started searching for the perfect opportunity. Tamar HR came along, and the rest is history.

Since joining I won’t try and paint a picture of everything being rosy – although that’s mostly the case. Changing career is hard. My best analogy is it is like having a baby for the first time – you are all excited for the new arrival, but when you get the baby home that’s when the real work starts!

The biggest challenge is probably the steep learning curve; you will need to be prepared for that. The Team at Tamar HR fully understand that personal challenge and we have a structured programme of continuous professional development. In my case I immediately started on a series of ACAS courses, a 3-day CIPD employment law course and in September 2021 I will start a LLM master’s degree in Employment Law, all sponsored by Tamar HR.

Right now, we are currently working on a programme to deliver significant growth for Tamar HR over the next three years which you could play a pivotal role in. We are ambitious and the opportunities for the right people are huge. A mix of different experiences will add to our offer and allow us to deliver a more rounded approach to our clients while creating roles within Tamar HR that are diverse, fulfilling and like nothing else in HR.

Most of the team have extensive experience in management, operations, marketing and sales expertise and day-to-day we’re dealing with the owners and directors of small, medium and large businesses. We can speak their language, understand the commercial pressures, and advise in a way that is pragmatic and this results in a deeper service to our clients. I get the most fulfilment in this job when I can see a business becoming more efficient and more successful because of the people strategies I’ve helped them put in place. You’ll also get to challenge traditional HR thinking and that’s always a good thing!

Right now, we’re looking for new people from all kinds of backgrounds to join the team. If you are seriously considering changing career into HR, then we would love to chat. We are growing fast and so we want to find others who can bring their ‘previous life’ into the HR world.

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