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November, 02, 2018

Part 1, of 3 short blogs focusing on recruitment, the why ,the how, the who and the where. Skimming the top of the iceberg – but attempting to focus on the important bits.

Every workplace is unique, this is what makes us special, it makes what we do attract the interest of others and it can pave the way to success. When we enter the dicey arena of recruitment it is so important to understand and define the goals, policies and practices that describe our varied organisations. If we clearly express who we are and what we are looking for, our search for that new team member will be more successful, more of the time.

Picture it from the prospective applicant’s point of view, given a clear picture of who they are and what they have done, plus a well presented, no, showcased presentation of who you are, everyone stands a much better chance of making a match – they can assess their skills and abilities with your needs.

Use the unique characteristics of your organisation to your advantage and promote them as that essential selling point in your recruitment efforts. A solid recruitment strategy coupled with careful attention to selection and ongoing commitment to retention (yes people, the long game), mean that, all things being equal in our ever-shallower shark pool of deadlines and projects, we can spend less time, energy and money replacing staff.

Ok, what next?
Good recruitment begins with good planning, before you get started, ask yourself some important questions. Take the time to dig deep, talk to other members of the team – not just for a job spec – but find out everything you can about the role, the people, expectations, where is the role going? Jobs become more and more specialised so a good description really will save time and money.
Next week we fill in the details and put the meat on the shark bones. See you then!

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