Find the talent you need. Then keep it. 2

Part 2.
Welcome back, if you haven’t read part 1, it’s in here somewhere!
So we’re talking successful recruitment with our eye on finding the right person for the right role – here are some important topics to consider before moving ahead:
*Know what you already have
*Know your hiring needs
*Know your talent
*Know your organisation
*Know the labour market
*Measure and evaluate
Ok wise guy, so what does it all mean?
Know your organisation
● The cultures, norms, values, traditions.
● What’s the vision? The next big plan?
● Why would anyone want to work here?
Know your hiring needs
● What’s coming up? What’s changed? Why hire new people?
● Where do I go to find out?
● Do I look at strategic plans? Sales reports? Ask line managers?
Know what you already have
● What skills and abilities do you currently have?
● Could you recruit in house
Know the work
● What are the main tasks.
● Key responsibilities.
● What knowledge, attitude and skills do you need?
● What experience, special skills, and experience do you need?
Know the labour market
● What skills are in short supply?
● What’s a competitive salary for this kind of work?
Know your talent sources
● As you plan the whole thing – be creative, rather than target the same old people the same old way – look for ways to shake it up. People face barriers to employment – break them down! Off the top of my head, consider ex police force, military, a similar skills set that contains transferable skills?
And finally, Know your options
● What strategies can you consider?
● What resources do you have (time, value and money) what support can your organisation give you (employment fairs, adverts on . . .)
This really is the last one, I promise, Measure and evaluate
● This step might be as simple as adding a question; How did you hear about us?
● Keep on track of things by running a template, a flowchart of what’s what – this will help you keep track of costs and results (always a good thing to discuss at the water fountain), and could serve as the blueprint for future campaigns!
So come on then! What’s the procedure? Next week people, next week.

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